Aug. 4, 2008: Polo Along With Generosity Continues at Hidden Creek, Oregon

West Linn, OR (August 4, 2008) – From the outset, one of the visions that Sean and Gretchen Keys had for their Hidden Creek Polo Club (near Portland) was to support nonprofit causes and organizations that are critical to the local community. It was in this context therefore, that a large and very involved crowd arrived on Saturday, August 2, 2008 to enjoy polo – most for the first time – and at the same time support Portland’s Hearing and Speech Institute.

To salute the presenting sponsors of the day, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and The Standard, the competing teams were named in their honor and wore team shirts to recognize that distinction.

Having to spot PWC a goal at the start, The Standard, on an early goal by Jesse Bray, got even after one.  The score remained tied after a scoreless second but PWC led by a single at the half (3 – 2)  thanks in part to a Sean Keys marker  to complete a perfect pass from Graham Bray.  After trading conversions with PWC in the fourth – falling two behind at one point – The Standard’s Bray and Dan Harrison each scored once in the fifth to take a lead of one into the sixth at 5 – 4. With Seth Alcott scoring,  PWC drew even with less than two minutes left. However, Jesse Bray potted his third of the game with 42 seconds to go and gave The Standard a 6 – 5 win over PWC and therefore earned the spoils of the day.

Along with Jesse Bray’s three, Dan Harrison scored twice and Kimo Huddleston converted one for the winners.  Adding to the handicap award for PWC, Keys and George Dill contributed one each with a pair from Seth Alcott.

Although the Hidden Creek facility doesn’t officially open until 2009, the benefit for the Hearing and Speech Institute was the second successful fund raising effort undertaken by the Keys family in this year of 2008.  Polo has returned to Portland and many deserving organizations will benefit.

Benefit Match for the Hearing and Speach Institute:

The Standard (8)  Dan Harrison 2, Brandon Alcott 1, Kimo Huddleston 4, Jesse Bray 1.

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (7) – Sean Keys 1, George Dill, Seth Alcott 1, Graham Bray 5.

Tony Gregg

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