Fell Asleep at the Wheel…

Hey polo fans! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. The last three of our four games here at the FIP World Championships have followed this exact pattern where we start out implementing the game plan perfectly and stray away from it in the […]

4th Chukker Blues

Team USA

Hey polo fans! Like the headline in the sports section of today’s local paper said, “USA dominated, then fell, then lost.” This headline says it all. In the first three chukkers, the team was flawless and had all the momentum working in its favor. The only complaint I had was they were missing too many […]


Hello polo fans! Yesterday was a lot of good news and a tiny bit of bad news for USA. Our team not only improved tremendously but showed why we qualified to be here. Playing against one of the most disciplined polo teams I have seen in a long time, England – who crushed Chile in […]

Tough Day at the Office…

Photos by Ricardo Weis

Hey polo fans! As a coach of any sport, yesterday was one of those days that you will revisit for the rest of your career. I say this because the team started out so strong, and it seemed for no reason the wheels fell off the cart. In the first chukker, the teams played so […]



Hey polo fans, We are down here in San Luis, Argentina getting ready to represent our country in the FIP World Championships. After much travel from around the country and internationally, our US team members first gathered in Buenos Aires and ventured to the quaint city of San Luis. The first couple of days were […]