The Other World of P O L O.

Many people started in the world of Polo and due to accidents, incidents, love or age they have continued to be very productive in the world, just in other venues. I think it’s a good time to tell about some of the people of Polo and where they have gone.  I am sure many of you know a lot more polo people who have made these moves so let us know about them.

Some were stars and the best at this game we all play or played. Gonzalo Pieres who is an owner and designer of anything from Burger King to Ellerstina is probably in the most awesome place in Polo.  A land baron, developer with probably 10 other things he is into other than polo. Memo Gracida is sort of the same as Gonzalo Pieres.  They are building a future and doing it well.  Other successful polo players like Jake Seiber  who went from 8-goals with a Law Degree to managing a Construction Co. He was just 24 years old, but life had it’s turn and there he went.  Julio Zavaleta played most his polo career in North America.  He now he runs a big farm in Argentina and is the owner of a children’s apparel line called Babycottons,  one of the finest Baby shops in the America’s.  Look it up.  Many other people have done well as Blacksmith Jeff Smith is now a big time broker for Wachovia in South Florida, Brad Scherer head of a real estate co. in FL same a Jules Romph, Jr. Horse shoer Jose Garnicas Ca. son recently achieved the following . . .

Here is the write up of a little congratulatory recognition for Ari Garnica, the oldest son of Jose Garnica. Jose is a Ferrier who has been working for many polo players in this area and in Santa Barbara and San Diego.  Often we never hear about the academic successes of those whose families work in the polo industry if they are not players, but Jose’s son is such an exceptional young man, it would be really nice to let Jose’s friends and colleagues know a little about him. He has maintained a 4.0 grade point average throughout most of his high school years. He will graduate this June from Coachella Unified High School. He applied to five different U.C. campuses and was accepted by all of them, of which he has chosen to attend the University of California, Irvine in the Fall.

People of polo have made it in the outside world. Mike Carney, formerly a 7-goal player, now heads a firm out of Kansas. Sunny Hale is in charge of WCT, a big time Women’s Polo Tournament that travels around the World. Jim Newman now organizes polo’s most important Clubs all over America.

Let’s hear about some of the people you know who have passed on to another world from polo.  There has to be a lot of stories like Sly Stallone and Brooks Firestone out west, so lets hear about them. Many were famous before they came to polo, but there are a lot of people who came from the world of polo. Tell us their stories.

See ya. 

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